by Face Off

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Massive 05:00
Crash I'll take all by myself Rush Wait to go down to fall there Right in the eye Take all I know And make it hell Cruel All the ones I've killed are rising Days All the streets are crossed or buried While you're gone Searching for a soldier I'm down to I feel rain You reign
Retouching 03:30
Is my heart strong? Remembrance is on the way I said how I feel Remembrance on a new day I trusted you with my soul You made me owner of dead walls Embrace Hit me again That was your last Is it over? I like the sound of rain in my heart Wake me up beneath the sand Now!
Code White 05:03
A place And a name that holds my dreams A place where the light screams The bitter, perfect quiver Please save me Don't want to be locked down Caught in the middle of the crowd There's a place in a teardrop I repeat myself Every time I breathe I defeat myself A place where the world is within your head The bitter, perfect quiver Please save me I feel so alone at night afraid that you're never going to wake me up And even if I'm lost the fever is never going to stop And the hope turns to ashes in my mouth Am I caught in a teardrop? I am cold in a teardrop. Can't find my eyes The bitter, perfect Please save me I don't feel alive, my mental state needs parental Now I'm caught in this rhyme, caught inside in a teardrop There aren't stars on my sky Where is my sky? Am I caught in a teardrop? Tear drop
Lynx Purr 03:03
Jamais de la vie les mots du ciel sauront le monde Mais le silence saura
Water 05:04
You want to see hope Want to wake up Watch the trees grow But I've stopped you love Now this is your home Hold it while you can control it Don't lose it Don't fade We're playing this game As I want to I won't let you melt Won't give you up And leave you behind Lonely and weak Stay! Will you stay?


"Face Off's latest album 'Massive' stays true to its album title and has successfully created an instant fondness towards their music among our fellow listeners! If atmospheric / doom metal fascinates you, then THIS album is sure to give you an eargasm!"

The song Retouching of this EP was featured as a part of the space survival game Hellion launched earlier in 2017. Massive is the follow up on Face Off’s single Lush from 2014 in which the band stated their new direction and is the first in series of conceptual EP releases Face Off plans in the future.

Massive is a fully independent, pay-what-you-wish release.


released June 2, 2017

Composed, arranged and performed by Face Off
Recorded at Devotion Studios, Belgrade by Marko Zivanovic
Additional recordings and effects produced at Face Off HQ, Belgrade
Mixed and Mastered at Arsafes Records, Moscow by Roman Arsafes
All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Face Off Stockholm, Sweden

Atmospheric, post-metal outfit with doomy tendencies. Currently based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Latest EP, "Machines", released Sep 18th 2020.

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